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Guest speaker John Lawrence, Health and Safety Director of Tennyson Suite Ltd talks to The Breakfast Club

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John Lawrence of Tennyson Suite

At the Chamber Breakfast Club on Tuesday 15 October we were pleased to have as our guest speaker, John Lawrence, Health and Safety Director of Tennyson Suite Ltd.

The subject of the discussion was on the measures that can be taken to physically protect people, their assets and the information they keep from compromise and harm using well practiced protocols and techniques.

John enlightened the audience on simple measures that they can take at home and at work, with actual case study stories, which highlighted good practices and what has happened to celebrities and organisations when security measures have failed.

Health and safety is not just hard hats, high visibility jackets and safety boots in the daily role at Tennyson Suite, its problem solving for clients that save them money, retains their image and reputation and most importantly ensures that the people in the organisation stay safe and go home at the end of the day in good health.

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