STOP PRESS: True tales from the paper chase

Chris Chandler, of Chandler Editing & Writing talks to the chamber about his days in journalism

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Chris Chandler, of Chandler Editing & Writing, has been a journalist for 49 years, mostly on fast-paced, multi-edition evening papers.  He was an editor for 25 years and is one of the last of the hot-metal men, overseeing the change from printing papers with slugs of hot lead to computers.

At the Breakfast Club on Tuesday, December 5,  the Breakfast Club heard what happened to Nitty the kitten, how a photographer nearly got shot by the Army and about the race to print after the Brighton bombing.

We also heard how Chris missed out on making a pile of money on Harry Potter, turned over some dodgy landlords and a famous Friday with a porn star, talcum powder and a rubber suit.


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