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Chris Bray talks to the Breakfast club about Leads Direct

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At the Chamber Networking Breakfast on 16th July,  Managing Director Chris Bray from Leads Direct described some of their products and how they have made a local company an international force in leads and cables whilst still keeping the company and their products and services relevant to local businesses and even to end users.

Even in this wireless age, all things that are wireless still have to have a lead or cable to make the final connections: your cordless kettle has a lead going from the base to the wall socket, your wi-fi router has cables to connect to the power, to the internet, and to the telephone line, and even your mobile phone operates using leads and cables for the aerials, servers and control equipment that make up the mobile infrastructure. There really is no such thing as completely wireless!

Based locally in Newhaven, long term Chamber member Leads Direct makes and distributes leads and cables for everyone from a little old lady looking to revitalise an old Singer sewing machine to Disney and Lucas Film, from the US Air Force to NHS hospitals, from nuclear submarines to Outer Siberian oil pipelines, and ships them all over the world.

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