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Peacehaven Chiropractic

Peacehaven Chiropractic is a positive, vibrant clinic whose passion is you and your families health and well being. We pride ourselves on understanding your specific needs and help you reach your optimal potential by providing you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your health care.

Our Vision:
Our clinic is passionate about providing care for entire families, from new born babies to great great grandparents. We strive to see families through all of life's changes and aim to be one of the go to places for the local community on the East Sussex coast for health and wellness.

Our Philosophy:
Chiropractic improves the communication between your body and brain.

The nervous system is vital to normal everyday functioning of the body; it connects our brain to our body via the spinal cord. Nothing happens without its say so!

Our vertebrae protect the spinal cord so clear signals are communicated and the body may work optimally. Any interference along that pathway will alter the picture your brain receives.

Nerve interference can eventually result in symptoms of pain and discomfort, at this point your brain is warning you there is a problem.

Chiropractors adjust the areas of the spine and other joints that are not moving normally.

You only get one body to live in and we are here to help you reach your true potential, our passion is to educate you and your family to be the best version of yourself.

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